NephoScale SSD Hybrid ComputeTM Cloud & NephOS Hybrid Cloud Software

Performance you can only dream of, at a price you can’t resist.

Cloudlet Virtual Servers

CloudletTM Virtual

Get unbelievably low priced SSD/10Gbps high-performance Linux or Windows cloud virtual servers in minutes. Enjoy free Windows licensing!

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Dedicated Servers

BareMetalTM Dedicated Servers

Make your databases faster, or build private clouds or HPC clusters using on-demand SSD/10Gbps bare metal dedicated servers. Get both security and ultra-high performance, at a great price.

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NephOS Hybrid Cloud Software

NephOSTM Hybrid Cloud Software

Build your own cloud, on your equipment, and merge it with the public cloud using the low cost, highly-available, scalable, and secure NephOS end-to-end IaaS cloud software stack.

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Why NephoScale Cloud Computing?

NephoScale is a very different cloud service provider. Try us out and you will understand why we chose the tag line: “Performance you can only dream of, at a price you can’t resist”. With NephoScale, all public cloud services are on-demand, and you’re given the option of choosing dedicated single-tenant SSD based bare metal servers (no hypervisor) for scaling your databases and for tasks requiring intensive data processing, or multi-tenant virtualized SSD cloud servers for your front-end web and application servers.


SSD Servers

10GBPS Networking

We call this Hybrid ComputeTM, and together with our NephOSTM cloud application stack and Elastic Networking SDN technology, we give you an integrated environment to easily manage your virtual and dedicated servers. Hybrid ComputeTM provides a single-pane view web portal, a single API, a single private 10 Gbps network, and the same base server images, for quickly moving images, workloads, and data back and forth between your virtual and dedicated servers.

Featured Case Study

“The NephoScale Hybrid Compute solution saves us time and provides a level of performance not normally seen in the cloud. When we need to scale we can get virtual or bare metal dedicated servers almost instantly. Being able to manage both virtual and dedicated server resources, all at the same time in the same environment, makes life a lot easier.” - Eugene Lee