• NephOS v3.0 - The Most Turnkey Multi-Tenant OpenStack Distribution

    No In-house OpenStack Engineers Required, No Third Party Software Needed

    Get IaaS public, private and hybrid cloud, with software-defined-datacenter capabilities in one software stack, in hours

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  • OpenStack can be a beast

    Let NephoScale's "Brewer" Technology Tame It For You

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  • On-Premise Private Cloud

    Building Your Own OpenStack Private Cloud?

    End the experiment. rely on NephoScale for a turn-Key public, private, or hybrid OpenStack cloud solution running on your hardware

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  • Turn-key Software-Defined-Datacenter Platform for Service Providers

    Easily Create, Manage, and Integrate White Label Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds

    Our technology, your team......a winning combination

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  • With NephOS v3.0, Technology Companies Have Options

    NephoScale's Converged Infrastructure Technology can Transform Your Business.

    Create new revenue streams - Expose your IP across your hardware and software value chain as a web-enabled self-service, across any number of locations

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Today's enterprises have too many disparate cloud infrastructures to manage.

NephoScale's NephOS converged infrastructure software, with hybrid cloud technology, provides the missing link that solves this problem

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I'm not aware of any cloud software vendor capable of matching the flexibility that NephoScale’s NephOS IaaS converged infrastructure and cloud software stack has to offer. Without NephoScale we would not have been able to bring the innovative Spirent Virtual-Private-Test-Cloud (VPTC) service to the market.

Iben Rodriguez, Principal Cloud and Virtualization Architect, Spirent Communications.