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Cloud Servers

High performance virtual servers up in minutes

Fast, easy to set-up and cost effective

Hourly billing & free Windows licensing

Unbeatable price / performance combination

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Hybrid Compute

Make your applications fly in the cloud

Bare metal dedicated servers + virtual servers

Private low latency layer 2 broadcast domain

Best price / performance period

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Private Cloud

Leverage any cloud management system you like

Security & performance like private bare metal servers

On-demand pay-as-you-go like public cloud

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Cloud Storage

Store, access, and manage your data using NephoScale’s highly redundant storage infrastructure, ObjectStor

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Cloud Servers

Provision flexible cloud servers in minutes, featuring the CloudScript marketplace of 1-click installs

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Dedicated Servers

Custom dedicated servers tailored to meet the exact needs of the most demanding application workloads

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NephoScale Cloud Computing

The NephoScale Cloud Computing solution and platform is designed from the ground up to be more automated, flexible, and easy-to-use than any other public cloud services platform available. It’s advanced orchestration tools allow users to manage all resources, applications stacks, code, and their associated dependencies in an easy-to-use and centralized fashion. We designed it, built it, developed, and deployed the next generation of On Demand Cloud Services and Infrastructure. We are driven to continue to innovate, create, and deploy the best Cloud Computing Platform.

NephoScale + provides cloud management, monitoring, and automation of servers deployed across multiple clouds.  It’s the solution for simplified management of multi-cloud applications for on-the-go IT professionals. 

Working with, the team at NephoScale built a computing platform consisting of a hybrid environment that utilized both cloud servers and bare metal dedicated servers. Download the case study to learn more.

Cloud Expert? Let’s Get Started.

Sign Up, Configure, Provision, Deploy your Server in  10 Minutes. Install your application with One click using Cloudscript, our Orchestration Tool.

Bi-coastal Data Centers

NephoScale is supported with bi-coastal data centers in the US for domestic and international customer needs.

  • Scalable – All cloud services of the NephOS platform are self-service and available on demand when you need to scale your infrastructure.
  • Geography – Diversity of geographic locations is ideal for maintaining system and data redundancy. Considering the optimal physical location for your applications and data is important when planning network volume and speed.
  • Redundancy – Every data center in the NephoScale network maintains multiple power feeds, fiber links, on site generators, and battery backup.
  • Compliance – All data center facilities are SSAE 16 Type II compliant and are LEED Gold Certified.