Learn more about NephoScale: the team, the passion, and the drive to innovate.

Who is NephoScale Cloud Computing?

NephoScale is a Silicon Valley based cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider and cloud software development company. NephoScale NephOS is an end-to-end cloud software stack that powers the NephoScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, and is available for licensing by enterprises, service providers, and technology companies. The core tenant of NephoScale’s approach to cloud computing is that 100% virtualized environments are not adequate, and do not provide the levels of performance, flexibility, security, and overall value that IaaS cloud users want and need.  Our answer to this is NephoScale Hybrid Compute technology that gives users on-demand access to both virtual and bare metal dedicated servers – in the cloud.

NephoScale developed the NephOS platform from the ground-up to make provisioning, deploying, and installing highly scalable cloud infrastructure simple and fast. Our mission is to offer the best combination of price and performance of any IaaS cloud platform provider, and to provide cost effective and innovative cloud infrastructure services software to companies for use at their locations, on their equipment. The ultimate value proposition offered by NephoScale NephOS is its ability to create a hybrid cloud solution that seamlessly ties together both a users on-premise cloud environment and their hosted off-premise cloud environment, all into a single-pane view that’s also programmable using a single REST API. Either use NephoScale’s IaaS on-demand cloud services on a pay-as-you-go basis, use the NephOS software at your own location to run your on-premise clouds, or use both together to create the ultimate seamless Hybrid Cloud experience.


The co-founders Bruce Templeton and Telemachus Luu are both born and raised in Silicon Valley, and together have over 40 years’ experience in the valley working in computers and networking, including both in the design and sales of IT infrastructure. The members of the core engineering team at NephoScale are all pioneers in the cloud computing industry and have designed and developed numerous public cloud platforms starting in 2005.

The Platform

The NephoScale team joined forces in 2010 to create NephOSTM. The platform is designed using open source software and extensively leverages commodity hardware for network, compute, and storage to achieve an unmatched combination of low price, high performance, and flexibility.


NephOS was built in-house from the ground-up, and is wholly owned by NephoScale. It is a purpose built and tightly integrated software stack that can be licensed and highly customized to meet customers’ specific needs. NephOS includes on-demand SSD based CloudletTM virtual and BareMetalTM dedicated server provisioning, ObjectStorTM distributed cloud storage, 10/40 Gbps software-defined-networking, CloudScriptTM cloud orchestration, inventory management, ticketing, billing, etc. Because NephOS is purpose built and tightly integrated, it contains no unnecessary lines of code. For this reason, NephOS can be easily modified and highly differentiated, all while remaining very stable. Agility and stability are the key strengths of the efficient design of NephOS.

Cloud Orchestration

Cloud computing in general is solving the problems of application development and application life-cycle management. As Agile practices accelerate the pace of software development and delivery, IT teams are forced to make changes to infrastructure faster than ever before, yet are still expected to operate under existing budget constraints. In order to keep pace with these demands, IT teams must gain new efficiencies through optimizing the infrastructure consumption experience for software developers, by providing tools that abstract infrastructure, and enable self-service. This is our focus at NephoScale. NephOS is a next-generation Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform that is designed to optimize the workflow for software developers. NephOS includes a set of tools and technologies, including an automation and orchestration build language for the cloud, called CloudScript, that enables developers and IT operations to work together to create a DevOps environment. We’re making the consumption of cloud infrastructure easier than ever before.

Hybrid Compute

Hybrid Compute is NephoScale’s flagship infrastructure solution for the public cloud, and it is setting a new standard for price and performance in cloud infrastructure services. It combines, by default, both on-demand virtual and bare metal dedicated servers on the same low latency private layer 2 broadcast domain. NephoScale’s Hybrid Compute is perfectly suited for users that need the best of both worlds in cloud computing. Meaning, they need on-demand bare metal ultra-high performance servers for scaling databases, data mining, machine learning, data analytics, or for running processor intensive testing or sequencing algorithms; and at the same time need virtual servers to run as front-end web and application servers, all in the same low latency layer 2 broadcast domain. NephoScale’s flagship Hybrid Compute solution makes it possible for users to have the very best options for computing resources, and at the same time have the operational benefits of being on an automated cloud platform. Our many loyal users say that NephoScale’s Hybrid Compute solution is truly offering them the best of both worlds “in the cloud”.

Hybrid Cloud

NephoScale is blazing new ground in the area of enterprise hybrid and private clouds. Licensed NephOS can be installed on-premise on customer’s equipment at their location for automating their private clouds – running the cloud management system of their choosing (e.g. VMware or OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, etc.). The same NephOS software stack is also used in-house by NephoScale for its public cloud and hosted private clouds. The main benefit of the same NephOS software running both at the customer site and in NephoScale data centers, is that all of the customers’ on-premise and off-premise clouds can be easily managed from a single-pane of glass for maximum operational efficiency. This tight level of Hybrid Cloud integration is considered by many to be the “holy grail of cloud computing”.


Bruce Templeton   Co-Founder and CEO

Bruce is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a veteran in the computer networking industry, and an experienced web hosting operator. Throughout the 1990s, he worked for, or with, many companies in the networking, security, computing, and storage industries. He joined Foundry Networks in 1999 when it was an early stage pre-IPO company, and participated in creating a successful IPO and played a significant role within the sales organization in growing annual revenues from $10M/year to over $400M/year over the following five years. Upon leaving Foundry Networks, he purchased Silicon Valley Web Hosting in 2005; and both NectarTech Hosting and Simpli Hosting in 2007. His co-founding of NephoScale and the development of its innovative public cloud services platform is a result of the accumulated experience and relationships developed over a 15 year period that helped bring the NephoScale development team together. He earned a BS degree from San Jose State’s College of Business, with a concentration in Manufacturing Management and a minor in General Science.


Telemachus Luu   Co-founder and CTO

Telemachus is a veteran in providing Silicon Valley based web hosting services and is responsible for the technological vision and product strategy of NephoScale. Prior to co-founding NephoScale, he spent 6 years at ServePath in various senior management roles within Finance, Product Development, and Engineering. He was instrumental in developing and launching ServePath’s IaaS cloud platform, GoGrid, by defining its architecture, features, and go-to-market strategy. Prior to ServePath, he spent 7 years designing large scale networks for a portal company, systems integration firm, and his own consultancy. He earned an MBA from Santa Clara’s Leavey School of Business with a concentration in Finance, and a BA in Economics from U.C. Berkeley.


Nick Peterson   Director of Engineering

A Silicon valley veteran and pioneer in the development of IaaS cloud platform technology, Nick is responsible for the agile engineering strategy and developer operations at NephoScale. Formerly, he was the Director of Software Engineering at GoGrid where he developed the UpStream Networks CDN and the GoGrid Cloud Computing platforms. His experience includes engineering management, agile software development and developer operations. He has lead a variety of different teams across numerous industries, including Cloud Computing, Managed Services, Content Delivery, Online Publishing, and Enterprise Software. He earned a BS in Computer Science from SFSU, and he has a Certificate in Bioinformatics from UCSC. He is a multi-patent holder in the field of Cloud Computing.


Alan Meadows   Chief Architect

A Silicon valley veteran and pioneer in the development of IaaS cloud platform technology, Alan is responsible for designing, maintaining, and scaling the infrastructure that supports NephoScale’s compute, storage, and network products. Prior to joining NephoScale, he was with GoGrid as the primary architect for their GoGrid Server Image and Cloud Storage product offerings. Before GoGrid, he spent 5 years with Sunwave Communications, focusing on automation, network architecture, and designing highly available software for a multi-tenant hosting platform. He earned a Bachelors degree from U.C. Berkeley


Byron Wreaks   General Manager and VP Business Development

A Silicon valley technology veteran, Byron Wreaks is responsible for managing the daily business operations as well as the development of NephoScale’s channel strategy and strategic partnerships. Byron’s background before joining NephoScale consists of over 20 years in Channel Development and Operations. His experience includes spending 4 years each at both Cisco and Hitachi Global Storage managing 2 tier programs and operations for their WW distribution organizations, 5 years at Solectron (now Flextronics) managing key accounts for the systems assembly division, and 8 years in various sales roles at Synnex. He earned a BS in Finance and BA in Management Communications from CSU Chico.


Michael Montgomery   Director of Technical Operations

Michael is a web hosting industry veteran and an experienced IT administrator responsible for managing the daily technical operations as well as the growth of the NephoScale cloud infrastructure. Michael’s background before NephoScale was founded consists of over 8 years managing all technical operations at Silicon Valley Web Hosting. Prior to Silicon Valley Web Hosting, he spent 4 years as Sr. Systems Administrator at Workshare Technologies and 2 years as Systems Administrator at Towers Perrin. Michael studied Computer Technology at Computer Learning Centers in San Francisco and graduated from their 2-year program with honors.