NephoScale: An Innovator of Cloud and Infrastructure Management Software

NephOS: A Powerful Converged Infrastructure Solution

NephoScale is a Silicon Valley based cloud technology company that has developed an advanced cloud and converged infrastructure software stack called NephOS. The core tenant of NephoScale’s approach to cloud computing is to develop software that continually pushes the limits in flexibility, performance, and price disruption for creating converged infrastructure software-defined-datacenters, and for building public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Every licensed on-premise NephOS installation uses the same software stack, and is supported by the same team that supports the NephoScale public cloud. NephOS is available for licensing to enterprises for building multi-site on-premise private clouds, or to service providers and technology companies as an OEM white-label public cloud or converged infrastructure solution.

NephoScale developed the NephOS platform from the ground-up to make installing, integrating, provisioning, and deploying highly scalable cloud infrastructure simple and fast. The ultimate value proposition offered by NephoScale NephOS is its ability to quickly discover and integrate with virtually any appliance installed in a data center environment, and then operate that equipment along with software-defined storage, network, compute resources to create converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions. NephOS seamlessly ties together varied cloud technologies, in both on-premise and off-premise cloud environments, and allows them to be managed with a single-pane view UI and one common REST API.


NephoScale co-founders, Bruce Templeton and Telemachus Luu, together have over 40 years’ experience working in Silicon Valley in the fields of computing and networking, including both the design and selling of IT infrastructure and services. The members of the core engineering team at NephoScale are all pioneers in the cloud computing industry, and have designed and developed numerous public cloud platforms starting in 2005.

The Platform

The NephoScale team joined forces in 2010 to create the NephOSTM cloud software stack. The platform is designed to highly leverage open source software and extensively uses commodity x86 hardware for network, compute, and storage to achieve a industry leading combination of low price and high performance. Most importantly, the NephOS software stack was designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, whether it be installation/deployment, software release/upgrade management, or hardware/software integration NephOS does it with ease.

The Software

The entire NephOS software stack was built in-house, and is wholly owned by NephoScale. It is a purpose built and tightly integrated suite of software applications that can be licensed and highly customized to meet customers’ specific needs. Because NephOS is purpose built and tightly integrated, it contains no unnecessary lines of code. Due to the lean software design and high level of optimization, NephOS can be modified to to meet very specific use cases while continuing to remain very stable. Agility and stability are the key strengths of the efficient design of NephOS.

Cloud Orchestration

CloudScript is an orchestration technology developed by NephoScale that eases application and infrastructure life-cycle management. It is a build language for the cloud that is designed to deploy application stacks, and their associated cloud resources, with a single click. By providing orchestration tools that abstract infrastructure, speed up application deployment, and enable self-service, NephoScale is helping to empower new business models and is driving new levels of efficiency in IT.