NephoScale NephOS: The Only Turnkey Multi-tenant OpenStack-based Cloud Software Stack


NephoScale is a cloud technology company that has developed the NephOS OpenStack-based cloud software stack. The members of the core NephoScale engineering team are all pioneers in the cloud computing industry, and have previously developed and deployed two different IaaS public cloud platforms starting as early as 2005.

The Software

The NephOS software stack is a combination of proprietary technology, and multiple open source software technologies, that extensively leverage commodity x86 hardware for network, compute, and storage to achieve a combination of low price, maximum flexibility, and high performance. NephOS is the industry’s only turnkey multi-tenant service-provider-grade software stack that provides a full stack installer empowering a Linux administrator to do an unassisted deployment in only 24 hours. Additional automated upgrade and asset management systems make NephOS the easiest multi-tenant software stack to deploy and manage.

NephOS : A Powerful Turnkey IaaS Software Stack

NephOS is a highly stable and scalable purpose built suite of software applications that are available as a single licensed product that can also be customized to meet customers’ specific needs. NephoScale’s approach to developing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology is to provide a single software-defined-datacenter solution that can be used for building public, private, or hybrid clouds. NephOS is perfect for Enterprises, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Telcos that are looking for a turn-key cloud software solution that provides complete service-provider-grade multi-tenant capabilities, all with no third party software needed. Fast deployment, low cost of ownership, and service provider grade reliability are all the hallmarks of NephOS.

One Software Stack for Many Uses

Every licensed on-premise NephOS installation uses the same exact software stack. Meaning, NephOS is used by enterprises for building multi-site multi-tenant private clouds, and by service providers that build a hybrid cloud ecosystem made up of NephOS powered public and private clouds – all managed from a single portal and a common REST API.

The Unparalleled Back-end Automation That Matters Most

NephoScale developed the NephOS software stack with the goal of making the installation, integration, provisioning, and deployment of highly scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure simple and fast. NephoScale’s most compelling value proposition is cloud underlay technology that includes the proprietary back-end automation toolsets named Brewer, CloudBuilder and SideCar. These technologies decouple and abstract OpenStack from NephoScale proprietary code, and other open source code. The result is a highly customizable and easy to install and upgrade cloud software stack that is the most productized and repeatable multi-tenant OpenStack solution on the market.