NephoScale Leads Competitive Benchmarking Tests

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See the embedded slideshare presentation with the results from our recent Linux virtual benchmarking tests. NephoScale’s combination of extremely high server and networking performance, with very low pricing, is hard to beat. We achieved these extremely high levels of performance by finely tuning our NephOS cloud software stack to work with the KVM hypervisor, Cumulus Networks 10/40Gbps switches, the latest Intel E5 processors, and all SSD storage. We are very happy to be able to offer our customers the best of both worlds by combining incredible server performance with amazingly low prices.

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Corralling the Internet Of Things With NephoScale Hybrid Compute Cloud

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Wrangling the data originating from the ever growing number of sensors being connected to the Internet is challenging enough without having to worry about your cloud hosting service.

When dealing with unreliable devices, spotty connectivity, and last mile latencies you need a cloud hosting provider like NephoScale that is architected from the ground-up for reliability and scalability.  From power to systems and networking to security, you want bullet-proof infrastructure. We’ve got it all with our hybrid Compute.

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Tame The Data Firehose With Hybrid Compute

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Every day users send 400 million tweets on Twitter, share 4.75 billion pieces of content on Facebook, and upload 8.5 million minutes of video to YouTube.

Gaining insights into the vast amount of data that is generated every day on the Internet requires a platform that can support the I/O, CPU, and RAM requirements of applications that perform data harvesting, data streaming, data analysis, and data visualization.

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NephoScale Hybrid Compute – Perfect For DevOps

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Economic competition is getting fiercer all the time. Every day you need to out innovate your competitors, and you need your development team to drive the bus.

If you are the CTO of a startup it’s a good possibility that you might not have any operations staff at all.  If this is the case, you need a reputable partner like NephoScale that has the platform and services required to back-up your disruptive business model. Read More