CloudletTM Virtual Servers

  • As low as $3.89/mo. for On-Demand SSD/10Gbps Linux or Windows Cloud Servers.
  • Free Windows licensing!
  • Try for up to 7 days, and if not satisfied request a full refund.

Cloudlet Virtual Server Pricing

SSD PricingSATA Pricing
Server Sizes Standard Hourly(Linux or Windows) Membership Hourly(Linux or Windows)? Membership Fee(Upfront Annual)?
CS05-SSD0.5 GB – 1 Core – 25 GB $.008/hr ($ 5.84/mo) $.004/hr($ 3.89/mo) $11.68/yr
CS1-SSD1 GB – 1 Core – 50 GB $.015/hr($ 10.95/mo) $.008/hr($ 7.67/mo) $21.90/yr
CS2.1-SSD2GB – 2 Core – 75 GB $.022/hr($ 16.06/mo) $.011/hr($ 10.71/mo) $32.12/yr
CS2.2-SSD2 GB – 2 Core – 100 GB $.03/hr($ 21.90/mo) $.015/hr($ 14.60/mo) $43.80/yr
CS4.2-SSD4 GB – 2 Core – 150 GB $.045/hr($ 32.85/mo) $.022/hr($ 22.70/mo) $65.70/yr
CS4.4-SSD4 GB – 4 Core – 200 GB $.06/hr($ 43.80/mo) $.03/hr($ 29.20/mo) $87.60/yr
CS8.4-SSD8 GB – 4 Core – 300 GB $.09/hr($ 65.70/mo) $.045/hr($ 43.80/mo) $131.40/yr
CS8.8-SSD8 GB – 8 Core – 400 GB $.12/hr($ 87.60/mo) $.06/hr($ 58.40/mo) $175.20/yr
CS16.8-SSD6 GB – 8 Core – 600 GB $.18/hr($ 131.40/mo) $.09/hr($ 87.60/mo) $262.80/yr
CS16.16-SSD16 GB – 16 Core – 800 GB $.24/hr($ 175.20/mo) $.12/hr($ 116.80/mo) $350.40/yr
CS32.8-SSD32 GB – 8 Core – 1000 GB $.36/hr($ 262.80/mo) $.18/hr($ 175.20/mo) $525.60/yr
CS32.16-SSD32 GB – 16 Core – 1200 GB $.48/hr($ 350.40/mo) $.24/hr($ 233.60/mo) $700.80/yr
CS64.20-SSD64 GB – 20 Core – 1600 GB $.96/hr($ 700.80/mo) $.48/hr($ 467.20/mo) $1401.60/yr

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High-Performance On-Demand Infrastructure

High-Performance On-Demand Infrastructure

Improve cloud application performance with our virtualization platform. NephoScale utilizes the KVM hypervisor, Intel E5 Processors, SSD storage, 10 Gbps networking, and optimizes the entire NephOS cloud application stack for maximum performance.



Get a 50% discount off the standard hourly rate with an annual membership plan! Enjoy high performance SSD virtual cloud servers at hard-to-beat prices with our hourly virtual cloud server rates, free inbound data transfer, and low-cost outbound data transfer rates.

One-click Orchestration

CloudScriptTM Orchestration

Speed and simplify application installations and deployments to one click with CloudScriptTM, our cloud orchestration tool.

Outstanding Support

Outstanding Support

Count on us. NephoScale cloud experts are available 24×7 to provide the best personalized service and to help you every step of the way.

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Cloudlet Virtual Server Features

Cloudlet Virtual Server Features

  • Pay for what you use, no contracts
  • Free Linux and Microsoft Windows OS Licensing
  • Linux and Windows OS images
  • NephoScale CloudScript orchestration tool for easier organization and faster provisioning of applications and software.
  • 99.95% uptime SLA
  • Full root/administrator access
  • On/off and reboot control
  • Control via web interface portal (GUI), API, or CloudScript orchestration tool
  • Deploy Cloud Servers to San Jose – West Coast U.S. or Richmond – East Coast U.S. data center locations
Cloud Server Data Center

Bi-coastal Data Centers

NephoScale is supported with bi-coastal data centers in the US for domestic and international customer needs.

  • Scalable – All cloud services of the NephOS platform are self-service and available on demand when you need to scale your infrastructure.
  • Geography – Diversity of geographic locations is ideal for maintaining system and data redundancy. Considering the optimal physical location for your applications and data is important when planning network volume and speed.
  • Redundancy – Every data center in the NephoScale network maintains multiple power feeds, fiber links, on site generators, and battery backup.
  • Compliance – All data center facilities are SSAE 16 Type II compliant and are LEED Gold Certified.
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Free Data Transfer

  • Free Inbound Data Transfer.
  • Free 1TB/mo. of outbound data transfer for combined usage across all Cloudlet servers in each account.
  • Cloudlet virtual servers share a single data transfer pool.
  • Free unlimited data transfer between all virtual servers, dedicated servers, and Objector cloud storage within each datacenter.
  • Additional Outbound Data Transfer: $.02/GB.

Annual Membership Pricing

  • Make an annual payment for each instance you want membership pricing for, and receive a 50% discount on the hourly charge for that instance for the following 12 months.
  • Annual Membership contracts can be purchased when creating the server, or any time thereafter.
  • If a server with a membership contract is deleted the contract will remain active and will be applied the next time a server of the same type is provisioned.

Pricing Notes

  • Monthly estimated cloud server costs in pricing table are based upon 730 hours per month usage (30 days).
  • The stated hourly rate for Cloudlet virtual servers includes compute only, outbound data transfer is billed separately.
  • The monthly membership pricing shown in parenthesis is the effective monthly price after the annual membership contract is included.

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