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Cloud Storage

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Store, access, and manage your data in the cloud. NephoScale’s ObjectStor is a simple cloud storage solution that is low cost, secure, ultra reliable, and highly redundant.



NephoScale cloud storage is a distributed storage infrastructure that can scale near limitlessly with no degradation to performance.



Triple replication and self healing makes it virtually impossible to lose data due to a system fault.



NephoScale’s ObjectStor is based on OpenStack’s Swift and is S3-compatible.  A number of ecosystem tools are compatible with the ObjectStor API.


Geographic Redundancy

Synchronize your data with the click of a button across NephoScale data centers located in San Jose – West Coast U.S. and Richmond – East Coast U.S.

ObjectStor Cloud Storage

NephoScale’s ObjectStor is a cloud storage solution that is powered by OpenStack Object Storage (aka Swift). It is a robust, highly-available storage service ideal for large amounts of file based data. It is perfect for storing virtual machine images, media assets, and data storage backups and archives. With a gigabyte pricing model and free inbound transfer it is an effective low cost storage solution.

ObjectStor is fully integrated with CloudScript and the NephoScale CLI. It can be used in the automation of provisioning new servers or updating existing servers by storing scripts and recipes, or as the backing data store for big data and analytics processing jobs. The NephoScale customer portal contains a fully integrated storage explorer to help you easily visualize and managed your slices of cloud storage.

A REST API with an expanding list of ecosystem tools from the OpenStack community make your storage based applications portable across service providers. In addition, the ObjectStor API is S3-compatible and works with a number of S3 ecosystem tools.

Cloud Storage Features

  • Highly available, fault-tolerant storage
  • Per-slice metering and reporting
  • Container synchronization across geographic regions
  • Large object support and multipart upload
  • Container metadata, object versioning and expiration
  • OpenStack Object Storage API and authentication
  • S3-compatible API and authentication
  • Container make public, web indexes and object caching
  • HTTP Range requests (HTML5 progressive downloads for video streaming)
  • Cross-site HTTP requests (CORS)
  • Cross-domain Policy File (Flash, Java, Silverlight interaction w/ ObjectStor API)

ObjectStor Cloud Storage Pricing

Data Storage $0.08/GB
Data Transfer In FREE
Data Transfer Out $0.06/GB
Requests (get and all others) $0.005 per 10,000 requests
Requests (put, copy, post, list) $0.005 per 1,000 requests

Build your Cloud Storage


Data Size: Each account is allotted 5GB per month. Additional data is $0.08 GB/m. If your account requires more, please specify how many additional GBs you need below.

Transfer to Internet: Each account is allotted 10GB per month. Additional transfer is $0.06 GB/m. If your account requires more, please specify how many additional GBs you need below.

GET/LIST API Requests: Each account is allotted 10,000 per month. Additional requests are $0.005 for 10,000/m. If your account requires more, please specify how many additional requests you need below.

PUT/POST/DELETE API Requests: Each account is allotted 1,000 per month. Additional requests are $0.005 for 1,000/m. If your account requires more, please specify how many additional requests you need below.

Monthly Price Calculation
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The NephoScale ObjectStor is built on top of OpenStack Swift open-source software and it runs on commodity hardware. When a file is upload to the Object Storage it is triple replicated. Replication is designed to keep the system in a consistent state in the face of temporary error conditions like network outages or drive failures. The replication processes compare local data with each remote copy to ensure they all contain the latest version. Auditors crawl the local server checking the integrity of the objects, containers, and slices. If corruption is found, the file is quarantined, and replication will replace the bad file from another replica. The modular design of the OpenStack Swift architecture allows NephoScale to provide a range of useful features like S3-compatible API, CORS, and Make Public. When a container is made public it can be accessed from the Internet using a URL without authentication. Because these files are typically accessed frequently we provide a high performance caching layer to minimize response times for your most commonly used files.