ObjectStorTM Cloud Storage

  • Based upon OpenStack Swift.
  • Securely store, access, and manage your data in the cloud.
  • Simple-to-use and highly redundant.
  • Perfect as a server image repository, for backups, archiving, disaster recovery, or as a content origin for delivering static content.
  • Manage using Web Portal or REST API.
  • Try for up to 7 days, and get a full refund if not satisfied.

NephoScale Cloud Storage Pricing

Storage Transfer In ? Transfer Out > 10GB/month Requests (get and all others) Requests (put, copy, post, list)
$.04/GB FREE $.02/GB $.005
per 10,000 requests
per 1,000 requests

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Free Storage and Data Transfer

  • 99.95% uptime SLA.
  • Free 5GB/month ObjectStor data storage for each account.
  • Free 10GB/month data transfer for ObjectStor cloud storage outbound usage.
  • Outbound data transfer is pooled across all ObjectStor storage slices in each account.
  • Free unlimited data transfer between all virtual servers, dedicated servers, and Objector cloud storage within each datacenter.
  • Additional Outbound Data Transfer: $.02/GB.
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    ObjectStor Benefits

    Scalable storage

    Scalable storage

    Infinitely auto-scale your object-based storage without degradation to performance using NephoScale’s ObjectStor distributed storage infrastructure.

    High Reliability

    High Reliability

    Never worry about data loss. Triple replication and self-healing make it virtually impossible to lose data due to a system fault.

    Single Tenant

    Extensive Compatibility

    Support your ecosystem tools with our OpenStack Swift API that is compatible with Amazon S3 and many others.

    Geographically Redundant

    Geographically Redundant

    Automate the synchronization of your stored data with the click of a button across NephoScale’s east coast and west coast datacenters.

    Cloud Server Features

    Cloud Storage Advantages Over NAS Systems

    An advantage that the NephoScale Object-Based Storage solution has over enterprise storage solutions is the ability to scale to hundreds of petabytes and beyond. Traditional file systems, like NAS architectures, involve a hierarchical structure that can limit their overall scalability and negatively impact performance as they grow. These Traditional NAS systems reach a tipping point before getting to even one petabyte of data.

    Our object-based cloud storage infrastructure has been built with a modular approach using OpenStack Swift with auto-scaling load balancers, proxies, and storage arrays. When the system detects an increase in data store, an increase in web requests, or an increase in bandwidth requirements, it can scale out any of the modular elements accordingly. This means the system can scale virtually limitless without significant degradation to performance.

    Another advantage that the ObjectStor cloud storage solution has over typical enterprise NAS solutions is redundancy. ObjectStor replicates every object three times across different object stores (physical storage arrays) in different zones (physical locations in the data center). It continually conducts a checksum analysis to detect data corruption and automatically repairs it using redundant data. If one of the objects becomes corrupt, the system can determine the consistency of all three files, remove the corrupt file, and restore that object using the other two. This translates to realistic up-times in excess of 99.999%.

    ObjectStor™ Diagram

    Cloud Storage Overview

    With NephoScale ObjectStor cloud storage, you have the ability to create multiple slices (storage partitions) and multiple keys (user authentication) to support many different users within one account. You can also manage these cloud slices & keys, view storage metrics, and billing metrics all through the NephoScale portal. If you want to set-up several cloud storage slices at one time, you can do this by making a single API call using our CloudScript.

    ObjectStor supports bindings in many popular languages (e.g. PHP, Python, and Java) that can easily interact with our cloud storage API, allowing developers to work with our cloud storage solution immediately. By authenticating with the proper credentials, you can store (write) and retrieve (read) files on NephoScale’s cloud storage infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

    Like most enterprise NAS systems, it can be used as mountable storage (familiar to most administrators) similar to a NAS like mounted directory, allowing all existing NAS applications to utilize the service without any modification. Use the “make public” feature to use the system as a content origin by allowing end users to click on a url and instantly download a file.

    ObjectStor cloud storage is perfect for serving static content for web applications, storage of large public or private data sets, such as online files and media, and archival and back-up storage.