Converged Infrastructure Solutions

NephoScale Converged Infrastructure Technology Overview:

The hardware architecture of the Cloudlet host servers uses the latest Intel E5 processors, DDR3 RAM, and the highest performing solid state drives (SSD) and hardware RAID controllers. Also, the number, and type, of SSDs chosen for the Cloudlet host servers are optimized to maximize performance based upon the size of the local drive array, amount of RAM installed, and the hypervisor being used. If you benchmark NephoScale’s cloud virtual servers against the competition and you’ll find Cloudlet’s outperform virtually every virtual cloud server product on the market today. The reason for this is not only due to our cloud software optimization and use of the KVM hypervisor, latest server hardware, and software-defined-networking (SDN), but we also do less time slicing and over-subscription than most of our competitors, and the performance speaks for itself.


  • Low pricing and predictable fixed monthly billing model, with no over-selling or hidden costs.
  • Ultra-high performance server storage and networking that make applications run faster.
  • Superior competitive benchmarking test results for Linux virtual servers offering maximum value.
  • Agility and speed of on-demand self-service provisioning of network, virtual and baremetal compute, and storage.
  • Fully managed services options available for hassle-free operations.
  • Free design and migration assistance.
  • Pricing:

  • Flat monthly rate of $300 ($15 per GB for a 20 GB RAM minimum).
  • Additional RAM purchased in 10 GB allotments for $200/month.
  • 3000 GB free outbound traffic per month pooled across all virtual servers.
  • Free unlimited inbound traffic.
  • Additional outbound traffic billed at only $.02/GB.
  • $50 per month per server for managed services.
  • Contact us for pricing on Operations-as-a-Service options.
  • Charges for self-provisioned BareMetal Dedicated Servers will be added to your monthly virtual server RAM charges on a single consolidated invoice.
  • Design and migration assistance is free.
  • NephoScale Cloudlet virtual cloud servers offer:

    • Amazingly low pricing
    • 50% off pricing on annual membership plans
    • The latest Intel E5 Processors
    • High performance DDR3 RAM
    • Blazing fast enterprise grade SSD drives
    • Low latency 10 Gbps networking connectivity
    • Free inbound data transfer
    • 1TB/mo. of free outbound traffic (pooled across all provisioned Cloudlet servers)
    • Hourly billing
    • Free technical support
    • 99.95% uptime guarantee