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  • Security: 100% single-tenant hardware isolation, and accessible only through a dedicated VPN connection to private RFC-1918 IP addresses.
  • Predictable Expense: Fixed monthly pricing.
  • Flexibility: Mix Linux and Windows servers, and virtualized and non-virtualized bare metal severs.
  • Agility: On-demand server provisioning.
  • Performance: Ultra high performance SSD drive storage, and 10 Gbps server connectivity with 40 Gbps backbone.


Dedicated Virtualized Cloud Nodes

Server Model RAM Physical
CPU Cores
Network CPU Specifications Disk Storage Hardware RAID Monthly Data
Transfer Allotment
Monthly Price
DS48-SSD-CN 48GB 12 10Gbps Dual 2.0GHz E5-2620 4x480GB SSD RAID 10 3000GB $699.00
DS128-SSD-CN 128GB 12 10Gbps Dual 2.0GHz E5-2620 8x800GB SSD RAID 10 3000GB $1,599.00
DS192-SSD-CN 192GB 20 10 Gbps Dual 2.5GHz E5-2670 8x800GB SSD RAID 10 3000GB $2,599.00
DS256-SSD-CN 256GB 20 10Gbps Dual 2.5GHz E5-2670 8×2.0TB SSD RAID 10 3000GB $3,499.00

Pricing Notes

  • The Flat monthly rate applies to all BareMetal Dedicated Servers, whether virtualized or non-virtualized.
  • Additional Non-virtualized BareMetal servers can be added through on-demand self-provisioning in customer portal or via an API call.
  • 3000 GB free outbound traffic per BareMetal Dedicated server which is pooled across all BareMetal servers.
  • Free unlimited inbound traffic.
  • Additional outbound traffic billed at only $.02/GB.
  • Free CS1-SSD server running OpenVPN included with each private cloud.
  • Charges for non-virtualized BareMetal Dedicated Servers will be added to your monthly invoice, along with the cloud nodes.
  • $50/month per server charge for server management services.
  • Contact us for pricing on Operations-as-a-Service options.
  • Design and migration assistance is free of charge.

More Scalability: Virtual + Dedicated Baremetal Servers = One Platform

Learn How to Make a Hybrid ComputeTM Private Cloud


  • Monthly fixed pricing.
  • Self-provision Linux or Windows SSD BareMetal Dedicated Servers.
  • Mix both virtualized and bare metal servers for a highly flexible high-performance Hybrid Compute
    TM environment.
  • High performance SSD server storage for all servers.
  • High performance 10 Gbps server connectivity with 40 Gbps network backbone.
  • Software-defined-networking (SDN) technology seamlessly merges network, virtual and bare metal servers, and ObjectStor cloud storage
  • Free server running OpenVPN included with each private cloud.
  • Includes RFC 1918 compliant ranges of IP addresses that will never be routable on the global Internet. Use our RFC 1918 addresses or bring your own own range of private IPs.
  • Self-provision highly scalable and secure ObjectStor Cloud Storage through your private network.
  • Fully managed options on a per server basis.
  • Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) options available for fully managed turn-key solutions.


  • Low pricing and predictable fixed monthly billing model, with no over-selling or hidden costs.
  • 100% server hardware isolation providing maximum privacy to meet security and compliance requirements.
  • Superior performance associated with single-tenant servers, no noisy neighbors.
  • Ultra-high performance server storage and networking that make applications run faster.
  • Agility and speed of on-demand self-service provisioning of network, virtual and baremetal compute, and storage.
  • Fully managed services options available for hassle-free operations.
  • Free design and migration assistance.
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