nephoscale Hosting FAQs

FAQs – NephoScale Cloud Hosting Services


How do I get started with NephoScale?

NephoScale services are fast and easy to launch. Customers are able to create their account at Once the account is activated you will receive a welcome email and be able to access to the customer portal where you provision the server of your choice.

What types of Servers am I able to provision?

NephoScale offers a variety of virtual and baremetal servers. Cloudlet Virtual servers are available either with SSD or SATA local disk options. SSD servers come with 10Gbps networking and either server option can be provisioned with Linux or Windows server Operating Systems at no additional cost. Customers are also able to provision on demand baremetal servers. All baremetal servers include 10Gbps networking and are available with linux operating systems or Windows server at an additional cost

How do I create my server(s)?

NephoScale provides customers 3 easy options for creating servers. The NephoScale customer portal provides an intuitive UI for creating and naming your servers. Customers can also create servers using the NephoScale REST API or lastly you have an option to provision services with one click templates.

Is there a limit to how many servers I can create?

New Customer accounts are provided both public and private IPs that are assigned to each server. The initial allocation of IPs is 3 usable public IPs. For customers who wish to create more than 3 concurrent servers, additional public IPs and increased server quota allowances can be supported with a request from the NephoScale Support team.

How do I access a server once it is created?

Customers can access windows servers using RDP or for Linux they have the option of accessing their server via either SSH or VNC. The server credentials are viewable either in the ‘Keys’ sub menu in the customer portal (under servers) or by opening the Cloudlet or baremetal server of choice. Additional detailed descriptions are viewable at!/guide/cloudlet_authentication

What type of technical support is provided?

NephoScale provides all customers with 24×7 support for any questions related to their services. Tickets can be submitted from the customer portal as well as by sending a request to
Does Nephoscale provide an additional Managed Services?
Yes, for customers who prefer to have NephoScale actively manage their servers, you can Elect from either the basic or enhanced management services.

Where are NephoScale servers located?

NephoScale offers two Data Center locations: San Jose, California and Richmond, Virginia. When provisioning services there is an option to select the data center location with San Jose set as the default. The San Jose DC offers the most complete set of options including both SSD 10G and SATA Cloudlets as well as on demand baremetal servers and private cloud options. Richmond, VA currently supports SATA Cloudlet servers. Custom Baremetal servers and private cloud options are available upon request. Contact sales at

Can I install my own image on NephoScale servers?

Yes NephoScale supports cloning a custom image and making that available for customers to install on new Cloudlet or baremetal server instances. Customers who wish to have a customer image can submit a ticket to technical support from either the customer portal or by sending an email to There is a brief period of downtime required to complete this process and our support team is available to schedule the process at a time that minimizes any impact to your customers.

What if I need to increase the RAM or CPU of my Cloudlet server?

Cloudlets can be resized by simply submitting a request to our support staff. A request may be submitted to support either from the customer portal or by sending an email to The other option is to create a new server and then migrate all data and applications to the new server then deleting the previous instance. There is a brief period of downtime required to complete this process and our support team is available to schedule the process at a time that minimizes any impact to your customers.

How do I cancel services?

To cancel your account, customers are required to delete all services. Once services are deleted all data is irrevocably removed so it is critical that all important data be backed-up. When all services have been deleted you may submit a request to NephoScale Billing to terminate services. Any residual charges not already paid will be due on the next invoicing cycle, and at that time our customer service team will close your account.

FAQs – Pricing and Billing

How will I be billed for NephoScale services?

NephoScale issues invoices bi-monthly (every two weeks). The billing dates are based on the date stamp that your account was originally created. This anniversary date is viewable under the summary menu in the customer portal. Cloudlet virtual servers are charged on an hourly basis and billed every 2 weeks. All other services are billed monthly and are invoiced at the month ending anniversary date. These services include baremetal servers, applicable data transfer, CloudStor cloud storage, IP Addresses, and 3rd party licensing.

What payment methods are available?

All account sign ups require a valid credit card to complete the account creation. Accepted credit cards are Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. On a case by case basis approved corporate accounts may be allowed to pay by check or Paypal if necessary.

How does the Cloudlet Annual Membership work?

NephoScale offers customers the option to discount the hourly rate on Cloudlets by 50%. When provisioning a new server, there is a radio button option to select either pay as you go or annual membership. If you select the pay as you go, the server will be billed at the standard hourly rate. By selecting the annual membership, an upfront fee equal to 2 months of 24×7 usage is billed and the hourly rate of that service is discounted by 50%. This is an ideal option for customers who intend to use services full time for longer than 4 months. This is an annual renewable fee and if customers elect not to renew the annual membership then the pricing will revert to the standard hourly rate after the 1 year expiration.

Do I need an Annual Membership for each server?

The annual membership contract is server type specific and provides customers the equivalent of a full month’s hours (730) at the 50% discount. Therefore, if a customer has different RAM/CPU server configurations then an annual membership will be required for each. In the event a customer has multiple servers of the same type that are used on a partial basis then a single membership contract may be applied up to the total of 730 hours per month. Any cumulative hours in excess of 730/month will be billed at the standard hourly rate.

If I delete my server is the Annual Membership also cancelled?

No, so long as you are re-provisioning a server of the same type the annual membership will be applicable and you do not need to re-select the annual membership option when creating a new server.

Is there an Annual Membership option for baremetal servers?

Yes, discounts on baremetal servers are available. For customers who pay for one year in advance NephoScale provides 12 months service for the cost of 10 months.

Am I charged if I have powered off my server?

Customers are billed for all provisioned services whether they are active or in a powered off state. Servers must be deleted in order to suspend any billing charges. If you wish to retain your server image for future usage, you can submit a request to the NephoScale support team and they will copy the image and either store it for you if it is file based or clone the image and have it available as an option in the O/S menu for future server provisioning.

What if my Credit Card expires or is cancelled?

All invoices are due upon receipt. If the credit card on file is expired or cancelled, our billing department will send a notification requesting customers to update the credit card on file. If invoices are not paid within 48 hours services are suspended until payment is received. In the event that no action is taken within 7 days the services and all data are deleted and the account will be terminated.

Can I have multiple credit cards on the account?

Yes, services can be paid with Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. In the event you have multiple cards you may elect to have one of them be the default card to be automatically charged. In the case where the default card is declined, the other cards on file will be charged accordingly.

Do you accept virtual, electron, debit or prepaid cards?

We are not able to accept these cards because of the large amount of fraudulent sign-ups associated with the use of virtual/electron and debit cards in some geographies.