• Cloudlet SSD Virtual Servers
  • BareMetal SSD Dedicated Servers
  • 10 Gbps Networking
  • ObjectStor Object-based cloud storage

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CloudLet Virtual Servers

CloudletTM Virtual Servers

Ultra high performance SSD based virtual servers that beat the competition. Servers from 0.5GB RAM and 1 Core to 64GB RAM and 20 cores.

BareMetal Dedicated Servers

BareMetalTM Dedicated Servers

Perfect for scaling databases, better performance than a virtual server, on-demand provisioning in minutes, Optional custom server configurations upon request with High RAM, GPUs, PCI-Flash, etc..

Elastic Networking

Elastic Networking

High performance 10 Gbps networking to every server, and a 40 Gbps network backbone.

CloudScript Orchestration

CloudScriptTM Orchestration

Simplify loading of application stacks and deployment of cloud infrastructure elements with one-click installs using CloudScript templates.

Flexible Solutions

ObjectStor Cloud Storage

Save archival data, back-ups, server images, or use as an origin to deliver static content with the click of a url.

Best Fit

Self-service DNS Service

Easily setup DNS and rDNS, and use our nameservers.

Migrations Simplified

Custom Server Images

Package up applications, libraries, and other tools into a custom server image and reducing time to re-provision, limit unwanted access, prevent security vulnerabilities, and limit potential misconfiguration when provisioning servers in the future.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether it be Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Hybrid Compute, Virtual Private Cloud, or Dedicated Private Cloud, the NephOS software stack does it all. One software stack, one support team, and the commitment to exceed expectations.