nephoscale, the perfect hybrid cloud solution for service providers

Single Hybrid Cloud Mgmt. Interface for On-Premise and Off-Premise NephOS Powered Public and Private Clouds

The Enterprise Cloud Dilemma

Imagine you are an enterprise IT network engineer or systems administrator, with too many disparate public and private cloud systems to manage with too many types of equipment to integrate. Now, you are experiencing compatibility, security, resource tracking, agility, and budget problems on a large scale. You cannot move all of your data offsite to a cloud provider, and your on-site environment lacks “public cloud like” agility and is too costly to operate. At NephoScale we empowering our channel partners to solve this problem today.

NephoScale makes it possible for its channel partners to build a NephOS public cloud platform in their data center and build private clouds using the identical software at the enterprises data center location, on their equipment. By provisioning and managing both the public cloud and private cloud resources in a single-pane-of-glass portal enterprises can enjoy a seamless on-premise/off-premise cloud integration in the form of a single-pane view web portal and a common API. They can manage the service providers NephoScale powered public cloud data center locations, and their own on-premise locations, all within a single-pane view web portal or REST API, for a true Hybrid Cloud experience.

Why use NephoScale for your Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

  • The answer is NephOS, which is NephoScale’s hardened cloud operating system that heavily leverages OpenStack technology.
  • NephOS is at the core of the NephoScale end-to-end cloud solution, and OpenStack offers useful technology and a strong technical community that helps accelerate innovation around NephOS.
  • NephOS is a complete cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software stack that is available in the form of the NephoScale powered on-demand public and private cloud services platform, that is deployed as licensed software for building off-premise public clouds and for on-premise use by enterprises .
  • Service Providers can make it possible for their enterprise customers to operate across multiple locations both public and private, by seamlessly integrating those off-premise computing and storage resources with their on-premise NephOS private clouds, that run on their hardware in their data center locations, and all can be managed from a single web portal and a common API.
  • One of the many unique advantages NephOS brings is the ability to accommodate almost any deployment or consumption model, including distributed/scale-out, converged, and hyperconverged reference architectures. NephOS automatically ingests, integrates, and automates many different types of hardware. This flexibility along with the ability to easily create custom cloud solutions based upon NephOS is what truly sets NephoScale apart from the rest.

What is NephOS?

  • NephOS is truly an end-to-end turnkey cloud software solution that includes inventory management, billing, ticketing, both virtual and bare metal on-demand provisioning, an infinitely scalable object-based storage system, software defined networking technology, and a cloud automation and orchestration build language.
  • NephoScale NephOS enables companies to have an integrated single-pane view for self-provisioning and management of on-premise and off-premise, virtual and bare metal, public and private clouds.
  • NephOS unifies the elements of computing, storage, and networks into a utility that is stable and scalable and provides added speed, agility, flexibility to business operations
  • The bare metal provisioning, software-defined-networking (SDN) technology, and orchestration tools provided by NephOS enable underlying data center automation for running virtualization platforms such as VMware.
  • NephOS unifies the elements of computing, storage, and networks into a utility that is stable and scalable and provides added speed, agility, flexibility to business operations


With NephoScale’s Hybrid Compute cloud solution you get dramatically better performance, flexibility, and value than with the 100% virtualized cloud environments being pushed on enterprises today. Share the same web portal dashboard, same API, same low latency private network, and same base server images across both virtual and dedicated servers.

Bare metal dedicated servers are important computing assets to have on-demand access to through an API, and they are absolutely necessary for properly supporting private clouds, large databases, analytics and data processing projects, legacy software applications, tight security restrictions, and rigorous compliance requirements.

NephOS is a proven enterprise grade cloud management software system that provides extreme levels of reliability and performance. NephOS was designed to be a trusted business solution that is both robust and secure, and was developed by engineers and data center operators with real-world experience delivering large scale infrastructure in hosting environments. NephOS is a highly complex software stack with advanced functionality, yet it is also stable, highly customizable, and simple to deploy and operate. End users can get started with the intuitive user interface and be deploying server, storage, and networking infrastructure within minutes.

NephOS leverages OpenStack and also contains several patented pending technologies so it is purpose built to maximize performance and flexibility, and to drive costs down, through the utilization of commodity hardware and open source software.

NephoScale is an ideal partner for service providers and MSPs who are integrating Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services, and other data center technologies, and not only want to offer IaaS in the form of network, compute, and storage, but Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Hardware-as-a-Service.

MSPs and service providers are encouraged to share with us their unique requirements in the cloud, because NephoScale offers a solution that is tailor made to empower the the channel to succeed at offering a public, private, and hybrid cloud services.
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