Managed Servers

    Reduce expensive downtime with fully managed virtual servers and dedicated servers. Improve performance and stability. Our server admin. experts keep your server secure and running smoothly.

    Managed Servers Overview

      NephoScale’s managed servers solutions offer you complete administrative control over your server, while our experienced services team monitors and manages the hardware, network, operating system, and overall server security.
      With NephoScale’s Server Management Services you can outsource your server management knowing that you are being supported by highly qualified server administrators while also reducing your expense overhead. Your server will be monitored 24×7, tuned properly to run at top performance, and maintained to be secure.

    Managed Cloud Servers

    Managed Virtual Servers

    Managed virtual servers are multi-tenant systems and have specific management needs. We’ll keep your cloud server running in top shape!

    Managed Dedicated Servers

    Managed Dedicated Servers

    Managed dedicated servers may have PCIe-Flash, GPU and custom RAID configurations. We are experts at optimizing high performance bare metal servers.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Server Maintenance

    Our cloud experts will manage OS patching, database backups and restore, and the system and network security for your servers.

    Seamless Interoperability

    Increase Server Uptime

    Our team will continuously monitor your infrastructure, respond to incidents, and improve system performance and stability.

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