mist.io Case Study

“Combining beefed up bare metals with SSDs and ephemeral cloud servers at NephoScale is like a walk in the park.”
– Chris Psaltis, Co-Founder & CEO

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Cloud Server Data Center

About mist.io

Mist.io provides cloud management, monitoring, and automation of servers deployed across multiple clouds. It’s the solution for simplified management of multi-cloud applications for on-the-go IT professionals. Take a look at unweb.me for example. The founders, Chris Psaltis, Dimitris Moraitis, Markos Gogoulos, and Mike Muzurakis, created and supported applications that were spread across multiple cloud providers. With a small team they found it increasingly difficult to have staff on-call 24/7 that managed customer support. Chris, Dimitris, Markos, and Mike realized that they needed a rock solid mobile solution that would allow them to manage support anytime and from anywhere.

That’s where this all began…

After incubating in the Mozilla WebFWD program, mist.io launched their public beta service in November of 2013. That’s when Chris, Dimitris, Markos, and Mike realized they needed scalable infrastructure that could keep up with their explosive growth.

NephoScale answered…

Working with mist.io, the team at NephoScale built a computing platform consisting of a hybrid environment that utilized both cloud servers and bare metal dedicated servers.

What mist.io needed – requirement #1

Enhanced Security On Mobile: Ability to store SSH keys centrally without the need to store keys on the device, providing enhanced security for managing cloud servers on mobile.

What NephoScale Delivered…

Single tenant, root access, IPMI enabled Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. By providing complete control over their dedicated servers in the cloud, NephoScale met mist.io’s strict security requirements.

What mist.io needed – requirement #2

I/O Performance: Monitoring and alerting on thousands of VMs that collect and analyze large amounts of data. This was a key consideration because their system relies on fast data retrieval in near real-time to check for VM metrics, analyze the data, and alert users / trigger workflow rules.

NephoScale + mist.io Case Study

What NephoScale Delivered…

Elastic Networking for high throughput, low latency networking I/O. Once an IP packet arrives at a NephoScale data center, it’s routed to the device with sub-millisecond latency. Optimized layer 2 and 3 networking were included for the cloud servers and dedicated servers to achieve the line rate of the underlying ethernet channel when communicating with one another. The I/O performance characteristics of the NephoScale cloud computing platform aren’t limited to just networking. An equally important consideration for mist.io was storage I/O. NephoScale’s Cloud Servers use direct attached storage with latency confined to the local storage subsystem and the local bus I/O speeds. This meant that that mist.io’s cloud servers boasted excellent storage I/O. Many cloud applications require better I/O than cloud servers offer because of the multi-tenant nature of the systems. That’s why NephoScale’s Bare Metal Dedicated Servers with SSDs were mist.io’s choice for data storage and analytics requirements. These single-tenant systems played nicely with mist.io’s database analytics applications and are currently capable of 50,000 IOPS on a single machine.

What mist.io needed – requirement #3

Scalability. The founders knew mist.io needed a cloud hosting partner that could support their product development and production environments.

What NephoScale Delivered…

Scalability is about technology and business. The range of the NephoScale’s solutions fit the technology requirements mist.io needed, but it was the high touch support from NephoScale’s teams that sealed the deal. NephoScale was committed to helping the promising startup bridge the gap between funding and revenue growth using high touch support and modular solutions.