NephOS delivers the only turnkey hybrid cloud software solution for the channel

  • October 20, 2017
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A truly seamless hybrid cloud solution requires the same IaaS technology
both on-premise and off-premise to deliver the maximum value

Why is building a hybrid cloud ecosystem important to the success of managed services providers (MSPs)?

The refusal of the hyperscale cloud providers to deliver robust on-premise cloud solutions for hybrid cloud is leaving open a massive opportunity for MSPs to deliver unique value to their customers. Many MSPs are feeling there might not be a place for them in cloud computing, other than providing cloud consulting services on the big hyperscale cloud platforms – but this is not the case.

The NephoScale team has known for years that end users have wanted a hybrid cloud experience that does not require context switching back and forth due to different proprietary technologies powering both the private and public clouds they are using. NephoScale has also known that single-tenant private clouds typically sold to enterprises are usually insufficient because they do not deliver true service-provider-grade multi-tenancy that allows for employees, subsidiaries, partners, and customers to operate on the same cloud at the same time. This use case is highlighted by the fact that today Amazon’s corporate private cloud is actually their AWS public cloud. The reality is, that to maximize ROI, and reduce TCO, enterprise private clouds should have service-provider-grade level capability so the company does not have many clouds for many purposes, meaning, they should have one single cloud for all their corporate needs that can scale globally.

Worldwide, with NephoScale as a technology partner, MSPs, telcos, and data center operators are proving they can compete with, and win against, hyperscale cloud providers on a regional level by offering solutions that the hyperscalers will not, or cannot, offer.

The problem for channel partners has been that vendors, for many reasons, have not delivered a turnkey IaaS cloud solution that empowers them to compete by providing their customers both public and private cloud services on the same platform in the form of a seamless single-pane-of-glass hybrid cloud ecosystem. NephoScale has changed this by delivering the first truly turnkey hybrid cloud ready OpenStack-based service-provider-grade IaaS cloud solution for service providers and enterprises that is inexpensive, easy to deploy, scalable, upgradeable, and manageable.

How, and why, did NephoScale develop the NephOS cloud platform?

The engineers at NephoScale have developed two public cloud platforms over the past decade that were both built prior to the development of OpenStack. Over that time, they developed and perfected a proprietary back-end automation system that is designed to solve the most important problems administrators face when trying to build scalable multi-tenant clouds. This proprietary platform management automation technology is especially useful for IT staff when trying to build OpenStack clouds due to how complex and unwieldy the software is. It also eliminates the need to have in-house OpenStack experts. Meaning, a person with a solid foundation in Linux administration can deploy, scale, and upgrade a scalable NephOS powered cloud by themselves with no assistance from NephoScale.

NephoScale is both empowering the channel to be the cloud experts to their customers and allowing them to compete in offering public, private, and hybrid clouds. NephoScale is also creating a new default expectation amongst enterprises regarding private clouds. Our belief is that even enterprise private clouds should run on service-provider-grade public cloud software. NephoScale blurs the lines between what is considered a public or private cloud and in doing so delivers value not seen before in cloud software.