NephoScale Announces NephOS v3.0 – The First Turnkey Service-Provider-Grade OpenStack Solution

  • June 10, 2016
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SAN JOSE, Calif., June 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — NephoScale, the only turnkey service-provider-grade OpenStack cloud management software provider, today announced NephOS v3.0, the release of its latest version of NephOS – a cloud operating system based upon the OpenStack Liberty release. This new version of NephOS fully supports OpenStack APIs and is immediately available for configuring on-premise, turnkey public, private or hybrid clouds in only 24 hours.

NephOS is designed as a service-provider-grade software stack that offers fast installation/deployment, easy software release/upgrade management and automated hardware/software integration. The platform is available for licensing to service providers for creating public/private cloud ecosystems and for enterprises that require a robust scale-out on-premise private cloud solution that can offer a public cloud like user experience that can extend across multiple sites. The same NephOS software can operate on service-provider-grade component based, converged infrastructure, or cloud-in-a-box reference architectures that meet the budget and scalability requirements of the customer. NephOS is also available as an OEM white-label public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or converged infrastructure solution.

“MSP customers are requiring a write once hybrid environment utilizing a single interface across their on-premise private and off-premise public cloud services to support their varied projects and workloads, and NephOS is the only true turnkey cloud solution that allows us to use the same software across our public and private clouds to create a seamless hybrid cloud experience,” said Jonathan Parnell, CEO, Tuliva, Inc.

NephOS has developed technology that goes beyond the scope of OpenStack, including: full stack auto installation, upgrade management, ticketing, billing, SDN/NFV, job management, virtual and bare metal provisioning, and automated asset management. The platform is ideal for MSPs wanting to offer both public and private cloud services in a hybrid cloud environment.

NephoScale takes the worry and hassle out of deploying and maintaining complex public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. NephoScale’s Cloud Underlay and Overlay technologies include an advanced auto installer and upgrade manager – enabling service providers and enterprises to self-provision public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure in less than 24 hours, so they can serve their clients, partners, or employees with a wide range of on-demand cloud services on a global scale on an as needed basis.

“NephOS v3.0 makes the latest OpenStack technology highly scalable, redundant, and stable, and also makes it easily accessible and usable to service providers and enterprises, all at a disruptive price point. The reliability, flexibility, and accessibility that NephOS v3.0 brings to OpenStack allows us to uniquely address the specific and demanding use cases of our customers,” said Bruce Templeton, co-founder and CEO of NephoScale. “With our advanced installation and upgrade management tools, and total cloud solution that requires not third party software, NephoScale is perfectly suited as the premiere end-to-end cloud technology provider to MSPs.”

About NephoScale
NephoScale is a Silicon Valley based cloud technology company that has developed an OpenStack-based cloud and converged infrastructure software stack called NephOS. NephOS is the only turnkey OpenStack-based service-provider-grade software solution for building public, private, and hybrid clouds. The platform offers fast installation/deployment, easy software release/upgrade management, and automated hardware/software integration. NephoScale co-founders, Bruce Templeton and Telemachus Luu, together have over 40 years’ experience working in Silicon Valley in the fields of computing and networking, including both the design and selling of automated IT infrastructure and services.

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