NephoScale Nominated by Silicon Valley Telecom Council for SPIFFY Award for Engineering Excellence

  • July 16, 2016
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NephoScale has been nominated as a 2016 SPIFFY award finalist for engineering excellence by the 60+ Telcos that make up the membership of the Silicon Valley Telecom Council.

The Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence
This award is offered to the company that has produced the most impressive technological advancements. These are the firms who have invested in R&D, and have turned the gears of progress.

The members of the Silicon Valley Telecom Council are the who’s who of international Telecoms. The NephoScale engineering team couldn’t be prouder to be nominated for the SPIFFY engineering excellence award. The Telecom members are a tough crowd to please, and hundreds of companies have presented to the Silicon Valley Telecom Council and very few have received SPIFFY award nominations.

The Telecom Council Annual SPIFFY Awards recognize the best communication startups, and NephoScale was chosen as a company that has the ideas, relevance, and traction that most appeal to communication service providers from around the globe. The SPIFFY awards honor the most promising startups and the impact they are having on the Telecom industry.