NephoScale IaaS Software Platform

Introduction to NephOS

The NephOS cloud software stack is wholly owned and developed by NephoScale. It is and end-to-end cloud software stack that powers the NephoScale Hybrid Compute public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, and is also available for licensing for on-premise enterprise hybrid cloud and OEM reseller applications.

NephOS is a turnkey service or software solution that enables companies to self-provision public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, and includes software-defined-networking, orchestration, inventory, billing, and ticketing systems. NephOS unifies the elements of computing, storage, and networks into a low cost utility that delivers added agility, flexibility, and scalability to businesses.

As licensed software NephOS is ideally suited for tightly integrated custom enterprise Hybrid Cloud or OEM reseller applications.

NephOS Platform Overview

NephOS Diagram-May 2016

Public Cloud Services

NephoScale offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Simply create an account online, and be provisioning high performance virtual servers, bare metal servers, and object-based storage in minutes. We have two N. America locations to choose from in CA and VA.

If you are budget conscious we offer pricing that is difficult, if not impossible, to beat. If you are looking for very high performance cloud servers for resource intensive analysis and processing we offer the solution for you.

All servers are connected to the network via 10 Gbps, the virtual server nodes use SSD drives with the latest Intel Xeon server platforms for maximum virtual server performance, and we offer on-demand bare metal servers with several configuration options to choose from to meet the needs of the most demanding applications that virtual servers do not support well. Read more…

NephOS Licensed Software

NephOS is available as on-premise licensed cloud software for use by service providers and enterprises for implementing public, private, and hybrid on-premise/off-premise cloud environments, or NephOS can be deployed as OEM white label software solution to allow hosting providers, managed service providers, technology companies, telcos, or box manufacturers to resell licensed NephOS software or offer on-demand cloud services of their own. Read more…

On-Demand Private Cloud and High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters

A unique aspect of the NephoScale IaaS platform is that is supports on-demand bare metal computing clusters for quickly building private clouds and HPC environments. This means that a public cloud built using NephOS can support on-demand provisioning of isolated and secure private clouds and HPC clusters using automated on-demand bare metal servers.

Because the NephOS platform supports on-demand bare metal dedicated servers, on-demand hosted private clouds (cloud-in-a-cloud) and HPC clusters can be created on clusters of bare metal servers. These clusters running within the public cloud environment can also run any cloud management system (e.g. NephOS, VMware, Openstack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, Cloud Foundry, etc.) of your choice.

Ask us how we can help you create an autoscaling hosted private cloud or HPC cluster using NephOS.
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NephOS IaaS Software Architecture

The NephOS cloud software architecture is unique in several ways that allows it to support a broad range of use cases. With NephOS, no third party software is needed to create public, private, or hybrid cloud. Each application in the NephOS software stack is designed and optimized to work with every other application in the stack.

Beyond the open source technology used within the NephOS software stack, NephoScale wholly owns all of the additional technology and applications that make up the stack. This level of control brings stability and allows for easy customization to help a customers achieve specific technical goals and to meet their unique business needs.
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