NephOS IaaS Platform Software Architecture

One Turnkey Software Stack for Building Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds

  • Same software for public or private clouds, resulting in native Hybrid cloud support
  • 24 hour Software Installation
  • Open source based software running on commodity hardware for network, compute, and storage
  • Integration options available for any hardware and software appliances that support an API

NephOS Platform Overview



Unified Security Architecture

  • Isolation measures are incorporated throughout the infrastructure and virtual domains
  • The NephOS platform provides IT governance with simplified management of policies for authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • OpenStack Heat Templates provide reference architectures that contain best-practice security guidelines

Portal, API, Heat Templates, and CLI toolkits

  • Users can manipulate cloud via four methods, with the API being the most granular of the four.

Ecosystem Partners and Developer Communities

  • NephoScale is an active member of the OpenStack community and extensively leverages community developed solutions for use in the NephOS platform
  • Users can leverage NephoScale’s library of Server Images and prepared Heat Templates created by the OpenStack community

Orchestration Tools

  • Heat Templates, Advanced OpenStack orchestration technology, is used to simplify the management of all cloud resources, application stacks, code, and their associated dependencies in an easy-to-use and centralized fashion using one text file
  • Heat templates deliver a complete lifecycle management process for cloud-based applications allowing for the optimization of infrastructure using agile development methodologies to create infrastructure code in a continuous, error free, and iterative cycle
  • Heat’s built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) speeds up the process of developing infrastructure code, reduces deployment errors with its debugging and test capabilities, and increases the predictability and speed of application deployments. The concept is to empower users to create a “Write Once” environment where tedious repetition is avoided and creation and management of infrastructure is truly a software development activity.

Platform Services

  • This is the layer that provides the connection between Data Center Services and Orchestration Services, which includes Heat Templates, GUI Web Portal, API, and CLI Toolkits
  • The list of services provides a set of interfaces, automation functions, and tools to manage the entire data center infrastructure

Data Center Services

  • This is the layer where NephOS interfaces with the physical infrastructure and is comprised of Network Services, Compute Services, and Storage Services