On-Demand Bare Metal Cloud Servers

NephoScale On-Demand Bare Metal Cloud Technology Overview:

Some feel the topic of bare-metal dedicated server provisioning is itself not very interesting.  After all, we are talking about single-tenant, non-virtualized, dedicated servers. On the contrary, is actually very interesting because is the best way to support legacy applications in the cloud that do not work well in virtualized environments, it also opens up the door for on-demand scalable High-Performance-Computing (HPC) clusters, and even on-demand autoscaling private clouds running any private cloud software you choose. The fact that NephoScale delivers on-demand bare metal server functionality ultimately ties back to the advanced capabilities of the NephOS software stack, and specifically to the sophistication of the automated asset management, inventory system, software-defined-networking (SDN), billing system, and provisioning system.

The inventory system “scans” any type of hardware that comes online.  If that machine hasn’t been seen before, an inventory process is immediately initiated that automatically captures critical information about the device such as network information, system components, and even RAID information.  This information is fed back to the NephOS core API where a series of records are created in the platform’s database.  This information is now readily available for query by any NephOS software components, such as the provisioning/scheduler system. With the necessary information in the database NephOS can automatically provision any platform asset. This includes devices such as internal systems like cloud controllers, NephoScale ObjecStor cloud storage arrays, switches, etc.; or any customer facing assets like virtual server nodes or bare metal dedicated servers.

The billing system adds any number of hardware asset IDs to represent an entire bare metal server or a granular piece of hardware within a bare-metal system (e.g. SSD drive, RAM, etc).  Hence, NephOS not only has the ability to support thousands of bare-metal base server types, but also any custom variation of a base bare-metal server type through add-on upgrades.

BareMetal Server Features

  • True Bare Metal Provisioning, no Hypervisor
  • Ultra-high Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Single Tenant Isolation
  • IPMI Access
  • Custom RAID, GPU, SSD, NVMe, and PCI-Flash Configurations
  • Wide Selection of Linux and Windows OS images
  • Custom Server Images Optional