NephoScale REST APIs

The NephoScale RESTful APIs are used for programmatically manipulating cloud infrastructure over HTTP, and are the most granular level of control over the platform. NephoScale has two distinct (but interdependent) APIs. NephOS is the API that covers the majority of the NephoScale platform. ObjectStor is the API used to manage cloud storage containers and objects, and it is based on OpenStack Object Storage.

  • The NephOS API is a REST API that is used for provisioning and managing Cloudlet and BareMetal servers, and other NephoScale cloud resources.
  • The ObjectStor API is an OpenStack compatible REST API and is used for provisioning and managing the ObjectStor object-based cloud storage system.

Users who want to create their own job management client can use the NephOS API and ObjectStor APIs to call into the NephOS platform, and the APIs can also be used to automate provisioning and manipulation of infrastructure directly from user applications.

NephoScale Admin CLI:

The NephoScale Admin CLI provides an additional convenient way to access the NephOS API.

  • Requires that an agent be installed on every server
  • Agent can be added to a server using either OpenStack Heat Templates or the REST API
  • After a server is created with an agent it can be accessed using the CLI
  • Run commands in a shell after applying appropriate configuration using the REST API
  • Use shell commands to easily run recipes
  • Leverage tokens to allow commands to be run on servers in a stateful manner
  • Use available VNC Console to connect to a server, and use the CLI as an easy way to retrieve information from various resources on the NephOS platform