NephOS Virtual Server Provisioning
with KVM and ESXi

NephoScale Virtualization Technology Overview:

NephoScale virtual servers improve your cloud application performance by leveraging the proven KVM and ESXi hypervisors, the latest processors, blazing fast SSD storage, and low latency 10/40 Gbps networking. Additionally, through our deep understanding of how to maximize virtualization performance, we’ve optimized the entire NephOS cloud application stack to offer a superior virtual server product at a very low price point.

The hardware reference architecture of the host servers has been optimized to use the optimal combination of the latest Intel E5 processors, RAM, solid state drives (SSD and NVMe) and hardware RAID controllers. Also, the number, and type, of drivess chosen for the host servers are optimized to maximize performance based upon the size of the local drive array, amount of RAM installed, and the specific hypervisor being used. If you benchmark NephoScale’s cloud virtual servers against the competition and you’ll find our optimized software and hardware configuration outperforms virtually every virtual cloud server product on the market today. The reason for this is not only due to our cloud software optimization, the use of KVM and ESXi hypervisors, the latest server hardware, and 10/40 Gbps software-defined-networking (SDN), but we also do less time slicing of cores and over-subscription of RAM than most of our competitors, and the performance speaks for itself.

NephoScale virtualization is optimized around:

  • KVM and ESXi hypervisors
  • The latest Intel Processors
  • High performance RAM
  • Blazing fast SSD and NVMe drives
  • Low latency 10/40 Gbps networking connectivity