Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS)

Rely on NephoScale’s expert cloud design, technical support, and operations staff for everything from routine maintenance to 24×7 hands-on end-user support. We can be your outsourced cloud operations and support team.

Managed Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud

OaaS includes managed cloud services, which means we will design, install, manage, and support all of your on-premise and off-premise cloud operations needs. This includes any of your NephOS on-premise private clouds or off-premise NephoScale hosted public or private cloud services.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Server Management

OaaS includes managed servers, which means our experts will provision, set-up, secure, and continually maintain and optimize the performance or both your virtual and bare metal servers.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Our cloud experts will manage OS patching, database backups and restore, and the system and network security for your network, storage, server resources.

Seamless Interoperability

Maximize your Cloud Uptime

Our team of cloud experts will continuously monitor your infrastructure, respond to incidents, and improve system performance and stability. We will even respond to your end-users support requests for a fully outsourced IT experience.

Managed Cloud Overview

You need to focus on your core business activities. Our on-premise and off-premise Managed Cloud Solutions allow you the freedom to work on growing your market share and increasing your revenue without the added worry of monitoring and maintaining your cloud resources.
NephoScale’s outsource IT solutions provides you with a dedicated and experienced services team to monitor and manage your servers, network, operating systems, and overall server and cloud security.
You are safe in knowing that you are being supported by highly qualified staff of cloud experts and senior server administrators, while also reducing your expense overhead.

Cloud Server Data Center
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