NephoScale Cloud Software Licensing FAQs

Get answers to your questions about Licensing Subscriptions for NephOS On-premise Private Clouds and OEM Converged Infrastructure Software

FAQs – Licensing NephoScale NephOS Cloud Software


How do I purchase the NephOS software for on-premise use?

Call or email us at and we will walk you through the licensing process and prepare a quote and software subscription agreement for you to sign.

What OpenStack release is the new NephOS v3.0 software stack based upon?

NephOS is based upon the OpenStack Liberty release and provides full support for OpenStack APIs.

What type of support options do you offer for the NephOS software?

There are several support options available. There are the standard support plans listed at There are also managed service and Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) options available. Please call or email us at and we will explain the support options in more detail.

Is the NephoScale NephOS private cloud and converged infrastructure software stable?

Most of the same software and technology that has powered the NephoScale cloud hosting platform for the past five years is part of the latest NephOS v3.0 and is available as a subscription license for on-premise public, private, and hybrid clouds and OEM converged infrastructure deployments. With the software being in production for over five years, it has proven to be very stable. NephOS heavily leverages OpenStack, but does not solely depend upon it, and the result is the right blend of proprietary and open source technology that creates a hardened commercialized software stack that guarantees constant innovation, high levels of stability, and affordable pricing.

Why is the NephOS software capable of building and connecting clouds in so many deployment and consumption models?

The key advantages of NephOS are its adaptability and flexibility, which enables complex hybrid cloud deployments. NephOS has a built-in discovery engine that enables it to automatically build a database and inventory system for a specific data center environment, which enables the automated provisioning and management of that infrastructure. The NephOS software stack can be quickly modified to manage almost any data center environment. This along with Software-defined-networking (SDN) and network-functions-virtualization (NFV) technology, support for provisioning of both virtual and bare metal dedicated servers, and built-in billing and ticketing systems, the possibilities around building and connecting cloud are almost limitless.

What types of converged infrastructure capabilities does NephOS offer?

NephOS delivers a single vendor converged infrastructure solution, that is also hardware agnostic. A single vendor solution means that all clouds in the converged infrastructure environment must be powered by NephOS. The NephOS software stack does allow for integration of most any appliance or technology and can expose a single-pane view across many NephOS cloud locations. It provides customers three easy options for provisioning and managing infrastructure resources. The NephoScale customer portal provides an intuitive UI for creating and naming services, the NephoScale REST API is the most granular method of manipulating the platform, and lastly there is the option to provision services with OpenStack Heat orchestration templates.

FAQs – Pricing and Billing

How will I be billed for NephoScale software subscription licenses?

NephoScale issues annual invoices for the base requirement of qty. 20 CPU sockets. Additional allotments of qty. 10 CPU sockets are billed monthly for the remainder of the annual term on the 20 socket base subscription. The subscription licensing billing anniversary date is based on the closing date on your software agreement. This anniversary date is viewable under the summary menu in the customer portal. All services are billed monthly and are invoiced and billed at the month ending anniversary date for the following month. These monthly services include add-on software subscriptions and add-on software support plans.

What payment methods are available?

All account sign ups require a valid credit card to complete the account creation. Accepted credit cards are Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. On a case by case basis approved corporate accounts may be allowed to pay by check, wire transfer, ACH, or Paypal if necessary.

What if my Credit Card expires or is cancelled?

All invoices are due upon receipt. If the credit card on file is expired or cancelled, our billing department will send a notification requesting customers to update the credit card on file. If invoices are not paid within 48 hours services are suspended until payment is received. In the event that no action is taken within 7 days the support for the account will be temporarily suspended.

Can I have multiple credit cards on the account?

Yes, services can be paid with Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. In the event you have multiple cards you may elect to have one of them be the default card to be automatically charged. In the case where the default card is declined, the other cards on file will be charged accordingly.

Do you accept virtual, electron, debit or prepaid cards?

We are not able to accept these cards because of the large amount of fraudulent sign-ups associated with the use of virtual/electron and debit cards in some geographies.