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NephOS: The only Turnkey Service-Provider-Grade OpenStack-based On-premise Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Software

What is NephOS?

NephOS is NephoScale’s end-to-end multi-tenant IaaS software stack that heavily leverages OpenStack, and yet goes beyond OpenStack . It is the industry’s easiest to install and most repeatable OpenStack-based cloud product for building public, private, and hybrid clouds. NephoScale blurs the lines between public and private cloud, making NephOS powered hybrid cloud ecosystems a natural extension for channel partners that want to offer a wide range of self-service public and private cloud services all manageable by their customers through a single-pane-of-glass.

No other company provides a single software stack that can support as many turn-key cloud deployment models across as many varied reference architectures, with no third party software required. NephoScale is solving the most perplexing problems associated with deploying and managing OpenStack, unlocking its potential as never before. NephoScale can easily train a Linux administrator to use the NephoScale Brewer installer to deploy their own multi-tenant private or public clouds in only 24 hrs, and with the additional NephoScale back-end automation toolsets for asset management and release management they can easily scale and upgrade those clouds without having OpenStack expertise.



Why Use NephOS to build Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds?

NephoScale’s turn-key on-premise public, private, and hybrid cloud software offers the high performance of combined virtual and bare metal hybrid computing, the flexibility of software-defined-networking (SDN), the simplicity of a single management interface for both on-premise and off-premise clouds, and the low cost of open source technology combined with commodity hardware for network, compute, and storage.

NephOS comes with all the software applications needed to run out-of-the-box turnkey public, private, and hybrid clouds, including: ticketing, billing, asset management, zero-touch installer, automated upgrade manager, SDN/NFV, one-click cloud orchestration templates, and monitoring/analytics.

Why Channel Partners Use NephOS for OEM Public Cloud and Converged Infrastructure deployments?

NephoScale NephOS offers the widest range of deployment and consumption models with a single turnkey homogeneous cloud software stack.

Whether you intend to offer public, private, or hybrid cloud services, build a custom community cloud, sell your own shrink wrapped white-label cloud-in-a-box solution, or create custom white-label converged or hyper-converged solutions, with NephOS, no matter what you want to accomplish in the cloud, we’ve got you covered.

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