NephoScale Ranked 2015 Top 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solutions Provider

  • November 30, 2015
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NephoScale is proud to announce that it has been recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one of the 2015 Top 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solutions Providers. We are honored to be recognized as an up-and-coming competitor in the OpenStack solutions space.

NephoScale’s unique value proposition is the NephOS software that provides a turn-key cloud management software suite to get service providers, and enterprises, up an running fast and cost effectively with a stable and reliable cloud platform. NephOS is not just any OpenStack powered cloud software. NephOS is an IaaS platform for creating public, private and hybrid clouds, that also provides advanced software-defined-datacenter, converged infrastructure, and cloud management capabilities that are critical to deploying and operating self-service environments at-scale across many locations worldwide.

The NephOS OpenStack based cloud software stack is proven to be reliable and stable. It has successfully powered the NephoScale Public IaaS services platform 24 x 7 for the past five years.

The NephOS OpenStack based cloud software stack is a complete end-to-end solution. NephOS includes Software-Defined-Networking and Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV), cloud orchestration, asset management, job management, virtual and bare metal provisioning, billing, and ticketing systems.

NephOS enables companies to self-provision public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure so they can quickly and reliably be serving their clients, partners, or employees with a wide range of on-demand cloud services on a global scale. Also, NephoScale can easily adapt the NephOS software so it can automatically ingest and manage almost any hardware environment that is required.

The goal at NephoScale is to allow our customers to manage more and more infrastructure across many locations around the world, with fewer people and at less cost.

It the combination of reliability, completeness, cost effectiveness, and flexibility that sets NephOS apart.

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